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About the Entrepreneur Zone on Olive

The Entrepreneur Zone on Olive is a commercial building on 720 Olive Drive West, providing space for multiple uses including: R&D, lab, industrial, office, warehouse-storage and retail. This is one of the closest industrial spaces near the University of California Davis, and the I-80 freeway. Currently, this is the home for multiple successful technology startup companies and many of Davis' most iconic businesses.

720 Olive Drive - Davis, CA 95616

Our Story

The spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep in this commercial building. 720 Olive Drive was one of the first homes for Schillings Robotics (Currently FMC Technologies) and many other incredibly successful technology companies that have helped change the world.  


Supporting Business Growth

The vision of the Entrepreneur Zone is to provide the type of space, strategic location and type of lease terms that can strengthen business development goals and opportunities. In addition to the many amenities that can be provided, the Entrepreneur Zone can also provide business development programs geared towards your business goals.


Next to Student Housing

In 2018, the Nishi Gateway Student Housing project was approved by the City of Davis,  housing for approximately 2,000 students adjacent to both UC Davis campus and the Entrepreneur Zone on 720 Olive Drive West. The amount of private investment into this region will not only increase foot-traffic but the high quality of life unique to Davis. 



Noting the significant zoning limitations in the City of Davis, flex space is often one of the most desired zoning allowed in because of the multi-functional uses allowed for such commercial zoning including: R&D, wet/dry lab space, office, distribution, logistics, warehouse, storage, recretional & retail, 

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Home to Technology Start-Ups

Due to the close proximity to UC Davis, the Entrepreneur Zone is an ideal starting point  for technology companies looking to start-up or scale-up business growth. This building boasts an impressive track record of launching technology companies that are helping change the world.


Our Mission

To support entrepreneurs and help cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship in Davis & beyond.

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

- President Theodore Roosevelt

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